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3-Electronic and Software version 3.0 of Cams Make-Prof 25

3-Electronic and Software version 3.0 of Cams Make-Prof 25
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Product code: SFTEGNCMP2503
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The  software  “CAMS MAKE-PRO” measures the cam lift curve vs rotation angle (cam angle). In this way it's possible to calculate an exsisting  cam profile construction data and to export them in any format compatible with CAD software, cutting-machines, and, moreover, with Soft-Engine simulation software (principally CAMS and 4TBASE -  4-Stroke engine simulator). From  the main window choose a phase (Intake or Exhaust); immediately the acquisition window appears on the screen and you can measure the cam lift. The main  software characteristic is the great versatility and the extreme simplicity to use. In-fact the only things to do are: 
·        Choose the cam phase (intake or exhaust);
·        Measure the lift, without inputting particular data;
·        The test result (cam lift curve) is shown in the screen;
·        Save the test;
·        Print test eventually.

In the software EXTENDED VERSION (3.0) are available INTAKE and EXHAUST like in the basic version, but also:

TWIN LOBES ACQUISITION: this test measures both intake and exhaust cam lift and the difference of cam angle phase is stored and reported. Watch the diagram about lift vs cam angle to get this difference of phase.

INTAKE MULTI: the same of intake test but it's possible to repeat the intake cam lift acquisition six times max. This option is possible also repeating the run but by this test the repetition procedure is faster.

EXHAUST MULTI: like intake multi test but suitable for exhaust cams.

REAL TIME READING: by this test it's possible a free cam rotation and to observe cam lift and the maximum cam lift. Any diagram, chart and contour is computed.

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